About Fort Kent
About Fort Kent
Our quiet, friendly town is nestled on the banks of the St. John River which separates the United States from its Canadian neighbors. Although the river separates the countries, it has never succeeded in separating the families, friends and heritage of the region. Fort Kent is the service community for Allagash, Eagle Lake, New Canada, St. Francis, St. John, Soldier Pond and Wallagrass. The beauty of the St. John Valley region is second to none with its rolling hills, numerous rivers, lakes, streams and ponds, agricultural lands, and vast forests.

The population of Fort Kent is approximately 4100 with a town meeting government. The people of the St. John Valley, many of whom are bilingual, are known for their friendly, sincere hospitality. Whether you are planning to visit our area, looking for a place with the quality of life to raise your family or searching for a place to start a business, Fort Kent is the ideal community.

Browse our web site to find out more about the Fort Kent area. Get the feel of our community. Plan to visit with us. You will be happy you did and we are certain you will return. Fort Kent is "A place to come home to".

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